An increasing amount of waste water from hospitals

Afvalwater ziekenhuizen

Radioligand therapies are booming. Nuclear medicine is on the rise and an increasing amount of people are eligible for treatment. That is great news for the patient.

But a challenge for your hospital. The large increase of patients also causes an ever-increasing stream of radioactive waste water. Current technology cannot cope with this, meaning it’s not future-proof. Decay tanks have a limited capacity, are very expensive and take up a lot of space.


Beperkte toegang tot radioligand therapie

Beperkt toegang tot radioligand therapie
Het gebrek aan (opslag)voorzieningen en afval(water) capaciteit staat een brede toegang tot radioligandtherapie in de weg.
Terwijl de komende jaren de vraag naar behandelingen explosief zal toenemen. Want ook voor bijvoorbeeld prostaatkanker, de meest voorkomende kanker bij mannen, komt radioligand therapie binnenkort beschikbaar.

Unique patented Toilet Filter System

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Zereau finally provides innovation in this area and developed the Toilet Filter System for nuclear medicine. The system filters the radionuclides close to the source: the patient’s toilet.

The Toilet Filter System is compact, fits in every restroom and prevents discharge of medicinal residues in the sewer and environment, while hardly requiring any energy. For your hospital, this means you have a safe, sustainable, faster and easier way to process nuclear waste water that also hardly takes up any space. To conclude, the investment in a Toilet Filter System is much smaller than for a decay tank installation.

More treatment capacity

Meer behandelcapaciteit

But most importantly: with the Zereau Toilet Filter System you increase the capacity for radioligand therapies in your hospital, as you produce less waste and waste water.


Save space and reduce costs

Uniek gepatenteerd WC filtersysteem

By installing multiple Zereau filter systems, you save on space compared with alternatives such as decay tanks, and you also reduce associated costs. The Total Cost of Ownership for multiple Toilet Filter Systems is usually attractively lower than for alternatives, and it offers more flexibility as well.

The toilet systems can be independently placed in one or more isolation chambers (on admission) or in a shared waiting area (for day treatment). Would you prefer to directly connect the toilet from the isolation chamber or waiting area to the sewage system? That’s also possible of course. In close consultation we will decide on the best solution for your hospital. Does your hospital have a waste tank system? Even then, the Toilet Filter System is a smart addition. When you connect the system to the decay tank, the total decay time is shortened. The filter system adds significantly less water per patient that, in addition, is already completely filtered. This prevents the need to invest in an expansion of the decay tank park.

Demo visit

Are you curious to see how our Toilet Filter System works exactly? We can show you during a demo visit to one of the partnering hospitals. This can be either a live or digital visit.