The toilet filter system for nuclear medicine

5. Zereau toilet recht gesloten-min
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There is significant progress in the field of radioligand therapies. This will not only lead to a spectacular increase in the number of hospital treatments, but also in the amount of radioactive waste water. Which in turn limits the treatment capacity and creates environmental risks.

With the Zereau patented toilet filter system, you are able to treat more patients and process your waste water in a better way. In a Tsafe, sustainable and simple manner. And with significantly less storage room and costs.

Comfortable, safe and clean for patients and staff

Hygienic, safe, environmentally friendly and easy to use. Get to know the Zereau Toilet Filter System and all its specifications.

Veilige en eenvoudige werkprocessen
Safe and straightforward work processes for staff members
Gemak en comfort voor patiƫnt
Ease and comfort for the patient
Weinig afvalwater
Limited waste water and you don’t need large storage tanks (anymore)
Zeer weinig radioactief afval
Very little radioactive waste, easy to handle in a safe enclosure
Schoon en veilig afvalwater
Clean waste water, opportunities for circularity
Past in bijna elke ruimte
Fits in nearly every space, very easy to connect

Who are we?

Zereau is a water technology company that realises innovative ideas for a source-oriented, safe solution for the purification of (medical) waste water streams.

ZerEau WC Filtersysteem

Converting innovative ideas into practical applications

With our experience and background in the water industry and healthcare, we find solutions through connection. We know the purification techniques through and through, know how built reliable installations and understand the culture and interests of our clients.

We realise tailor-made, affordable and practical solutions, mostly close to the source of the contamination. And we take care of the design, supply, installation, maintenance and management. This enables us to guarantee a certain treatment capacity and safe work processes, and it prevents damage to ecosystems and public health risks.

ZerEau WC Filtersysteem