Zereau is the water technology company for the healthcare sector

Zereau provides innovative wastewater treatment technology for medical substances and residues in waste water, closely to the source. In specific hospital wards and healthcare facilities, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry.
Clean water from healthcare facilities, despite the growth of complex care and the number of therapies. 
Exploiting opportunities for recovery of precious and scarce raw materials from medical products by filtering waste water.

Good water quality is essential for public health

If nothing is done, more and more medical residues will enter the environment. This leads to pollution, environmental damage, public health risks such as the emergence of antibiotic resistance and risks to water availability. Hospitals have a specific share in this pollution, via the discharge of contrast agents, last resort antibiotics, analgesics, radioactive substances, etc. For some therapies, such as nuclear medicine, filtering wastewater increases the possibilities and capacity for these treatments in the hospital. For all of these substances, purification at source is the effective approach : purification as close to the patient as possible.
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Zereau builds smart sanitation and filtration technologies for patient rooms, care departments and entire healthcare facilities. We distinguish ourselves with proven technology, high impact, compact design, easy-to-install and affordable solutions. Zereau's approach lays the foundation for sustainable healthcare with regards to clean water as well as for the recovery and reuse of valuable medical resources.

Our solutions

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Filtration systems for nuclear medicine

RadiCatch Toilet filtration system

A unique all-in-one toilet and filter that functions stand-alone and as part of the sewage system.

RadiCatch FilterBox

A filter system as an add on to existing hospital decay tanks. A toilet bowl which separates the urine from the feces is part of the solution. The urine is filtered in the FilterBox.

RadiCatch XL Systemen

Filter systems for direct application or add-on to decay tanks.
Zereau offers flexible solutions, because no hospital is the same
Always with a very high removal rate
Simple to install at attractive investments

Water treatment solutions for radiology


A unique toilet filtration system that removes contrast agents from patient excrement.

Contrast agents are dosed in large quantities and also quickly excreted by patients. This makes contrast agents measurable in the environment everywhere, harmful to the environment and a risk to drinking water supplies.

This toilet filter system was specially developed for radiology departments. After a short stay and one or more toilet visits afterwards, 40 – 50% of the administered contrast agents is excreted by the patient, exclusively through urine. Therefore, this system treats only the urine. The filters are suitable for recovery of valuable resources and reuse.

Water purification systems for pharmacies & laboratories

MediCatch Filter systems for pharmacies

This system provides pharmacies and laboratories with simple solutions for aqueous waste streams.
Many preparations and determinations result in aqueous waste streams. These must be prevented from being flushed down the sink. Aqueous waste streams are not directly hazardous, making disposal via hazardous waste unnecessarily expensive and energy-intensive. The system offers a simple solution. Aqueous waste streams are filtered, clean water disappears into the environment and medical, harmful substances are filtered out. A long-life filter ensures complete removal.

Water treatment solutions for other departments & XL solutions

MediCatch XL

MediCatch products also offer filter solutions for other medical departments. Solutions that prevent medical residues from eventually entering the environment and posing public health risks.
These are compact, specific solutions for healthcare departments. Zereau offers filter technology for ICUs, oncology departments, kidney dialysis etc. Here, the filter technology is optimized for the (cocktail of) specific substances to be removed and the specific application in the department or to treat higher volumes in case of kidney dialysis. Scaling up these solutions is also possible, creating an installation capable of removing drug residues, resistant micro-organisms and other medical contaminants below detection limits from entire healthcare facilities, elderly homes etc.
  • Our services

    Analysis Development Building and installing Monitoring, service and maintenance

    Analysing type of medical pollution, concentrations and load in wastewater from medical institutions. Developing appropriate water treatment techniques. Researching circular solutions for water and (medical) raw materials.

  • Our services

    Analysis Development Building and installing Monitoring, service and maintenance

    Designing and engineering new system and solutions for purifying medical waste water. Developing techniques for recovering valuable (medical) raw materials from water. Solutions for entire hospitals, departments or specific patients.

  • Our services

    Analysis Development Building and installing Monitoring, service and maintenance

    Engineering, construction, assembly, testing and installation of Zereaus water treatment systems. Flexibility in the solutions required by the client.

  • Our services

    Analysis Development Building and installing Monitoring, service and maintenance

    Our install-base could be monitored, serviced and maintained by Zereau. With our knowledge and experience, we ensure that the installations continue to function optimally. We also provide training to technical departments and service agencies of hospitals so that they can take care of part of the service and maintenance themselves.

Specialised manufacturing partners

We have a special patented technology, with a unique combination of techniques.
With our production partners, we not only develop smart, sustainable and user-friendly solutions, but also ensure safe installations and validated measurement techniques.
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