Two filter stages

The Zereau Toilet Filter System can be connected directly to the sewage system. Or, as an extra line of defence, to your existing decay tanks. There are two different stages in the Zereau Filter System:

ZerEau WC Filtersysteem
Pre-filtration of excrements and toilet paper
The filtration of radioactivity and medicinal residues
Greater treatment capacity

With one Toilet Filter Systems you are able to perform 150-250 treatments in a private isolation chamber annually. In case of shared rooms or shared use of the toilet, this number increases manifold.

Maximum comfort and hygiene for patients

The stainless steel Zereau Toilet functions just like any other toilet. With separate flush buttons for number one and number two. The outside is simple and easy to clean. The inside is disinfected automatically.

Convenient and safe for the staff

The nursing staff change the filters per patient, or per day in cases of day treatment with multiple patients. How does that work?

Merely discharge clean water

Our filter techniques are proven beyond doubt and they remove up to 99.995% of (nuclear) medicine, even lutetium 177m.

Very economical use of water

The vacuum toilet uses less than 1 liter per flush (instead of 7). This is not only economical, but also means much less water storage when connected to a waste tank.

Space- and cost-saving

Minimises the amount of waste water and costs a fraction of a traditional waste tank system.

Very easy to connect

A normal water connection, a socket and possibly* a drain to the sewage system or decay tank. That’s all it takes.

*The system even functions without sewage connection.

Remote controlled

Every Zereau Toilet has a mobile phone modem. This eliminates the need for nursing staff or technical support to enter the isolation chamber, and Zereau can provide remote support if necessary. A lot safer.

Accurate measuring equipment

An MCA with Na-I crystal can measure the activity of the filtered water and the filters very accurately. This allows you to decide if water can be discharged, and for how long the fixed filter has to be stored.

Convenient and safe for the staff

The nursing staff change the filters per patient, or per day in cases of day treatment with multiple patients. How does that work?

Detach the filters and store them in the safe lead-lined storage box in the nuclear storage.* The radioactive filter automatically slides from the lead sleeve into the storage box. The lead sleeve that is used as a shield in the system can be reused. *When the system is not connected to a decay tank or the sewage system, the water tank containing clean water can be taken out.

The filter is safely stored in the nuclear storage. The duration of storage is dependent on the radioligand therapy, the patient and the local (national) regulations. The radiation supervisor will take care of this. 

You place clean filters back in the system and press ‘start’. That’s it!

Hoe het werkt
Hoe het werkt

More information

Would you like to meet us in person and explore your possibilities? During an introduction meeting, we are happy to take a look together at your situation and ambitions, and which solution of Zereau fits your needs.

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Simulation tool

Curious about the possibilities in your hospital?

With help of the simulation tool, you can view the capacity and flexibility that a toilet filter systems offers compared with, for example, decay tanks. Applied for your country, treatment protocols, as well as the expected growth of radioligand therapy and the physical situation in your hospital.